Pressure Washer Hose 3/8" x 50' 4000 psi With Quick Connects - Industrial

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Seller: toolbarn (42,044) 98.9%, Location: Carter Lake, Iowa, Ships to: US, Item: 252252594898 Pressure Washer Hose 3/8" x 50' 4000 psi With Quick Connects - Industrial Pressure Washer Hose 3/8" x 50' 4000 psi With Quick Connects - Industrial pressureparts-25813qc 4000psi High-Pressure Washer Hose - Super Abrasive Resistant Cover For Use With Your Hot or Cold Water High-Pressure Washer!• Fits many consumer & contractor pressure washers - Heavy Duty Construction• Single steel braid reinforced for long life• Maximum water temperature 275° F• 3/8" Quick Connectors Installed, One male connector, one female connector• Swivel on one end helps keep hose from kinkingFITS THESE PRESSURE WASHERS AND MORE: Porter Cable / DeVilbiss DeWALT Pressure Washers 37805 PCE1700 DPD3100 37807 PCH2401 5 HP DP2800 Type 1 Gas 3204CWH PCH2425 DP2800A 3254CWH PCV2500 DP3100 Type 2 Gas 3504CWHBD WGC3240 DP3400 3540CWHP WGC3241 DP3700 Type 2 3540SCHP WGC3540 DP3750 (Type 1) Gas D2400H WGCPH3040 DP3900 D2700K WHAB2627 DPD3000IC D3000K WHAB3030 DPD3800 Type 1 3800 PSI D3200H WHAB3240 DPH3800 3800 PSI D3500K XR2500 EXB2525ES XR2500-DS Troy-Bilt Pressure Washers EXH2425 XR2600 020210-0 3,700 PSI EXHA2425 XR2750 020210-1 3,700 PSI EXHA2425-WK ZR2700 020210-2 3,700 PSI EXHP2630 ZR2800 020287-0 3,340 PSI EXHP3540 ZR3200 XR2600 EXHP3640 ZR3600 D2705H EXWGC3240 ZR3700 XR2625 EXWGC3540 DVH2600 D2705H PC2525SP 5.5 HP DVH3000 PCH2425 TYPE2 Simpson Pressure Washers MSV2200 POWERSHOT 3000 PS3000 PS2200 MSV2600 POWERSHOT 3200 PS3200 PS2600 MSV2623 POWERSHOT 3228 PS3228 PS2600C MSV2700 POWERSHOT 4000 PS4000 MSV3000 POWERSHOT 4240 PS4240 MSV3024 Water Blaster 2600 WB2600 MSV3100 Water Blaster 3200 WB3200 MS2750 Water Blaster 4200 WB4200 MS31025H Water Shotgun 2730 WS2730 MS3000 Water Shotgun 3240 WS3240 MS3200 Water Shotgun WS3000GHS WS3000GHS MS3230 Water Shotgun 3540 WS3540 POWERSHOT 2200 Water Shotgun 4035 WS4035 POWERSHOT 2600 Water Shotgun 4050V WS4050V POWERSHOT 2600C Water Shotgun 5040H WS5040H Briggs And Stratton Pressure Washers PCV2250 5.5 HP 1779-0 2,700 PSI 1420-0 3,500 PSI PCH3600GRC 3600 PSI 1662-0 3,500 PSI 1418-2 3,000 PSI PCH3540HR 1661-0 2,700 PSI 1418-2 3,000 PSI PCH3500C 1661-0 2,700 PSI 1418-1 3,000 PSI PCH3031A 1581-0 3,500 PSI 1418-1 3,000 PSI PCH3030 1581-0 3,500 PSI 1418-0 3,000 PSI PCH2750 1580-0 3,000 PSI 1418-0 3,000 PSI PCH2600C 1579-0 2,300 PSI 1417-1 2,500 PSI 1988-1 3,400 PSI 1540-1 3,500 PSI 1417-1 2,500 PSI 1988-0 3,400 PSI 1540-1 3,500 PSI 1417-0 2,500 PSI 1988-0 3,400 PSI 1540-0 3,500 PSI 1417-0 2,500 PSI 1906-1 3,700 PSI 1540-0 3,500 PSI 020380-0 3,200 PSI 1906-0 3,700 PSI 1539-0 3,000 PSI 020330-0 3,700 PSI 1906-0 3,700 PSI 1539-0 3,000 PSI 020328-0 4,000 PSI 1905-0 3,400 PSI 1538-1 2,500 PSI 020262-0 3,800 PSI 1905-0 3,400 PSI 1538-1 2,500 PSI 020262-0 3,800 PSI 1808-1 3,400 PSI 1538-0 2,500 PSI 020258-0 4,000 PSI 1808-0 3,400 PSI 1421-1 4,000 PSI 020258-0 4,000 PSI 1808-0 3,400 PSI 1421-1 4,000 PSI 020252-0 2,900 PSI 1780-0 3,500 PSI 1421-0 4,000 PSI 020252-0 2,900 PSI 1779-0 2,700 PSI 1421-0 4,000 PSI 020225-0 3,200 PSI 020225-0 3,200 PSI 020221-0 3,400 PSI Hotsy Pressure Washers 1065SS 945N 950SS 1065SSE 945P 952SS 1075BE 1744 965B 1075SSE 1745 965SS 1080BE 1753 969SS 1260SS 1754 980SS 1260SSG 1755 981SS 1270SS 1812SS 982SS 1270SSG 1830SS 990SS 1280SS 1832SS 991SS 1280SSG 1833SS 992SS 1285SS 1835SS 993SS 1285SSG 1836SS 994SS 1290SS 555SS 995SS 1290SSG 558 BD-343089E 1410SS 560SS BD-373539 1411SS 5730SS BD-404029 1412SS 5732SS BD-405039E 1420SS 5733SS BD-455039E 1421SS 5735SS BDE-505009B 1422SS 5736SS BDE-505009C 1423SS 5832SS BX-282039 1424SS 5835SS BX-373539 1425SS 5836SS DA-232336 1450SS 680SS DA-232337 1451N 771 DA-252739 1452N 772 DA-383539 1452P 790SS DB-232439 1452SS 795SS DB-252739 1453N 821 DB-303039 1453P 842 DB-383539 1454N 843 DBA-252739 1454P 844 DBA-303039 1455N 845 DBA-383539 1455P 851 EP-201009D 1456N 852 EP-301009D 1467SS 853 EP-301509A 1469SS 854 EP-352009A 1473N 855 ET-201409DX2 1474N 856 HC-232336 1474P 871SS HC-232439 1710 873 HSS-102589E 1720 874 HSS-503089E 1722 895SS HSS-603289E 1723 921N HSS-803089E 1724 926N HWE-4030C 1725 942N HWE-4040C 1743 942P 1743P 943N 943P 944N 944P Mi-T-M Pressure Washers CW-1003-SME1 Cold Water CD-1504-0MVB CW-3005-0ME1 CW-2004-SME3 Cold Water CD-1504-1MHC CW-3005-0ME3 HDC Series CD-2003-0MHB CW-3006-1ME3 HEG Series CD-2003-0MHH CW-3006-4ME3 HEG Series CD-2003-0MVB HG Series Natural Gas HG Series Natural Gas CD-2003-1MHC HS-2204-BMH1 HHD Series CD-2003-1MVC HS-2204-CMH1 HHS Series CD-2003-2MHC HS-2505-CMV1 HLP-1502-0M10 CD-2003-2MVC HS-3005-CMV1 HS Series CD-2804-0MHB HU-1002-0M12 HSD-3004-0MDY CD-2804-0MVB HU-2004-0M11 HSD-3505-0MGH CD-3304-0MHB JCW-1504-0MHB HSE-1002-0M10 CM-2500-0MVB JCW-1504-0MRB HSE-1002-SM10 CM-2703-0MHB JCW-1504-0MVB HSE-1502-0M10 CW-1504-3MGH JCW-2003-0MHB HSE-2003-0M10 CW-1504-3MGV JCW-2003-0MRB HSE-2504-0M10 CW-2003-3MGH JCW-2003-0MVB HSE-2504-0M30 CW-2003-3MGV JCW-2403-0MRB HSE-3004-0M10 CW-2004-1ME1 JCW-2403-0MVB HSE-3504-0M10 CW-2004-1ME3 JCW-2504-0MHB HSP-2003-0MGH CW-2405-0ME1 JCW-2504-0MRB HSP-2003-0MGV CW-2405-0ME3 JCW-2504-0MVB HSP-2003-3MGH CW-2405-4ME1 JCW-2703-0MHB HSP-2003-3MGV CW-2405-4ME3 JCW-2703-0MIB HSP-2403-3MGH CW-2504-1MKB JCW-2703-0MRB HSP-3003-3MGH CW-2504-1MVB JCW-3003-0MHB HSP-3003-3MGV CW-2504-4MH0 JCW-3003-0MRB HSP-3004-1MGV CW-2504-4MV0 JCW-3003-0MVB HSP-3004-3MGV CW-2504-4UH0 JCW-3004-0MHB HSP-3504-1MGV CW-2504-CMV4 JCW-3004-0MVB HSP-3504-3MGH CW-2505-3MDY JP-1503-0ME1 HVS Series CW-2505-3MGH JP-2003-0ME1 CA-2403-0MHB CW-2505-3MGV JP-2003-0MHB CA-2403-0MRB CW-2505-4MDY JP-2003-0MKB CA-2403-0MVB CW-2505-4MGH JP-2003-0MVB CA-2504-0MHB CW-2505-4MGV JP-2403-0MHB CA-2504-0MRB CW-2505-4UGH JP-2403-0MRB CA-2703-0MHB CW-3004-0ME1 JP-2403-0MVB CA-2703-0MRB CW-3004-0ME3 JP-2503-0ME1 CA-2703-8MHB CW-3004-1MKB JP-2503-0ME3 CA-2703-8MRB CW-3004-3MDY JP-2504-0MHB CA-3003-0MHB CW-3004-3MGH JP-2504-0MVB CA-3004-0MHB CW-3004-3MGV JP-2703-0MHB CBA-2504-0MHB CW-3004-4MDY JP-2703-0MIB CBA-2504-0MRB CW-3004-4ME1 WP-2703-0MHB CBA-3003-0MHB CW-3004-4ME3 WP-3000-0MIB CBA-3003-0MRB CW-3004-4MGH WP-3000-0MVB CBA-3004-0MHB CW-3004-4MGV WP-3003-0MHB CD-1504-0MHB CW-3004-4UGH WP-3003-0MVB Features Specs: What's Included: 1- 50' x 3/8" 4000psi Wire Braid High Pressure Hose With Bend Restraints and Quick Connectors Installed Shipping Shipping Shipping is only offered in the continental US (Lower 48 States).Free shipping is available on all orders over $199. Orders under $199 are eligible for $8.99 flat rate shipping. Items over a certain weight ship for free but can be delivered to a commercial address only. If an item ships for free to a commercial address it will be noted on the product page. Commercial delivery means you must have the equipment to unload the item from the truck, such as a forklift or loading dock.Seller charges sales tax for items shipped to CA, IA, NE, & WA. No Shipping to: Alaska/Hawaii, APO/FPO, US Protectorates, PO Box Payment Payment We accept payment by Paypal. Immediate payment required for this item. Customer Service Customer Service Customer Service:Please contact us through ebay messsages for any customer service related question. Returns Returns Within 30 days of receipt of your order, you may return products in original condition and packaging for a full refund. Customers are responsible for return shipping. Pressure washer hoses & pumps are subject to a 20% restocking fee unless defective. If the item is opened or has been used we reserve the right to refuse return. Never send a package direct to the manufacturer unless we tell you to do so. About Us has a large selection of power tools, air tools, pressure washers, hand tools, tool parts, and tool accessories available at guaranteed low prices. Toolbarn has been an online tool superstore since 1998. You may also be interested in... View more great items Frooition Frooition | eBay design, eBay store design, eBay shop design, eBay template design, eBay listing design Condition: New, Brand: Pressure Parts, MPN: 25813QC, Model: 25813QC Insights Exclusive
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